Three men and their sourdough

We had a great time this Saturday with three guys making focaccia, ciabatta and sourdough. I would love to show some photos but, as usual, I forgot once we were into all the kneading etc.  Feedback can be found below.

Now got a photo of Robins’ sourdough which he made after the course and claims is his best yet.  Certainly looks really good to me.

Robin and his sourdough!

Robin and his sourdough!









It was a fiftieth birthday present for one of the chaps from his 9 and 10 year old daughters and they joined us to make some animal shaped loaves.  Maybe there is demand for bread making parties for youngsters?

We are at Fowlmere market this Saturday morning and will have some Maneesh flat bread as made by Paul Holywood as well as our usual favourites.

Feedback on hydrated dough course:

“Just a quick line to say thanks to you both for a wonderful day.  I really enjoyed it and the family have enjoyed the bread.  It was great to be able to chat to like minded ‘bread people’ and brilliant to have learnt how to attack and cope with wet doughs.”

“An informative and very relaxing day”


One thought on “Three men and their sourdough

  1. gildas

    Thanks Neil for your course. It was fun to bake with you and most helpful.

    Since then I have been baking bread every week end and even-though my technic needs refining, the result is not too bad….

    I would happily recommend your course as a first step into bread making for the home cook.


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