Hints and tips

We will post some hints and tips re: breadmaking as part of the blog and they can also be found on the Hints and Tips page.  Hoping they will be helpful and, if there is any aspect of breadmaking you would like some advice on please comment/ask me.

Fresh yeast.  There is nothing wrong with using dried yeast though I find it a little more fussy than fresh but finding fresh yeast can be a bit of a challenge.  A local baker may sell you a 1Kg block and you should not pay any more than c. £2 a Kg though some charge 10x this!  Most supermarkets will also let you have around 100g if you ask at the bakery and generally don’t charge for it.  If you wont use all the block it will last in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 weeks or you can divide it into smaller blocks and freeze it.

Water temperature.  Beginners seem to struggle to get the right temperature for the water added to the flour and yeast and the simplest way of ensuring you don’t kill the yeast and get the dough moving is to use 2/3 cold from the tap and 1/3 boiling water.


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