Solid beer!

Got interested in using spent grains, left over from beer making, to make bread: and, after the local brewery refused to supply said grains because of idiotic food safety rules, I bought a few packs of grains for the home brewer.  One was lightly roasted and the other a chocolate malt.  I boiled them up for a few hours and then added them to the bread mix.  The chocolate malt was dark, almost black, and tasted bitter so I only added a small amount of this to the dough made with the other grains.

Not entirely successful and the mix to which the dark grains were added was better than the other.  The grains contain a lot of water so easy to make too wet a dough and, probably need to reduce the proportion of grains since they don’t have any gluten so loaf was rather crumbly but taste was disappointing.  Anyone tried this?


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