Panettone; the story so far

We made Panettone and Stollen last Christmas and very popular and tasty it was too but I thought we could make it look and taste better.  Research revealed a huge variety of recipes, some involving feeding a starter every two hours, including through the night!  Other recipes took 24 hours or more.  Being a pragmatist and knowing most people don’t have this amount of time to devote I pooled the recipes and baked a trial batch.

They turned out OK and rose well but did not have the necessary open, light structure.  A second batch came out very well, nice colour, very open texture and the smaller ones had a nice rise and dome.  The larger ones were a little flat but I think that was because the dough was very wet.

So, another batch planned for later this week and photos will be posted as well as the recipe!

LH loaf: 1st batch; RH loaf: 2nd batch with good colour and texture

DSCF3377 - Copy




Close up of 2nd batch

DSCF3378 - Copy





A good dome!

DSCF3379 - Copy


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