Bread down under

Just back from a month in Australia and found the bread scene there similar in some ways to the UK.  The bakers and supermarkets generally don’t have the range of breads we do here and there are a lot of bread mixes on the shelf but a very poor selection of bread flours.  I made some sourdough while I was there and had to buy wholemeal and rye flour from a health food shop.

Sourdough is widely available in craft bakers but is expensive though, frankly, most of the food and drink over there seems expensive to us.  Another loaf which is rather different and delicious toasted is fruit loaf.  Breakfast is big in Australia and this crops up on most breakfast menus.  I have tried this recipe but it is one of those which can be tailored to the fruit available.  In one cafe the loaf had paw paw in it!  The cinnamon adds a lot to the flavour so you might want to be more generous than the recipe suggests and, personally, I would leave out the sugar.

I will list a couple of good Australian bread recipe books later in the week.  Don’t forget Barkway market is coming up 10 May, 10am-4pm; lots of bread and chocolate treats plus a wide range of cheeses from the award winning Cheeseplate.


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