New courses, demonstrations, dates and times!

We have added lots more dates, times and courses to respond to growing demand and suggestions from those who have attended our courses.  More details and photos on the Courses and Demonstrations pages but the new ones are:

Breakfast breads; Australian fruit loaf, Brioche and Danish pastries

Bread to impress; Bread twists, Bialy (Polish bagel like roll), fougasse, epi, pretzels/silzers

Flat and flattish breads; Panini, Turkish Pide, flavoured focaccias, stone baked flatbreads

Meals in one; Panini imbottiti (Italian stuffed buns), stuffed and flavoured focaccias, calzone

Course dates go through to December and we have added a mid-week course for those who cannot make a Saturday.  As always, there is some flexibility in dates, times and what we cover so email or call to discuss.

Check out the Feedback page to see what pupils have said about our events and see the Gallery for lots of photos of students bread and happy faces!

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