I forgot one of the better sites for home baker: http://www.thefreshloaf.com/.  Lots of advice, recipes and you can buy from their UK store too.

As far as flours are concerned, bakers can get very passionate about the flour they use, insisting on organic, stoneground for example.  I am not a great fan of anything organic, partly scientific and partly because of cost and, particularly if you are adding strong flavours or filling your dough, I don’t believe it is worth buying expensive flours.  I admit I have not done a side by side comparison but these are the ones I tend to use:

Strong white: any supermarket own brand

Wholemeal/brown: Sainsburys own brand especially good

Allinson Country Grain and Seed and grain: not cheap but great to work with.  http://www.allinsonflour.co.uk/products/

Waitrose Love life: the bright red, green or orange packets.  The flour is milled by Marriages and each is a very different combination of grains, seeds and malted flour in one case.  Although more expensive than many other flours they make a very nice loaf for a special occasion.  http://www.waitrose.com/shop/ProductView-10317–151014-Waitrose+LOVElife+seeded+malted+bread+flour.  You can also buy Marriages flour direct from their mill in 1.5Kg and 18kg bags: http://flour.co.uk/buy-our-flour

If you want to buy organic Shipton Mill has a very broad selection of bread flours: http://www.shipton-mill.com/flour-direct-shop/flour/bread-flour.


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