Bread course for children  

We have had a lot of interest in these now both from parents and grandparents looking to treat their children or grandchildren or arrange a different type of Birthday party.  This is an outline of the course which we would run over 2-2.5 hours either 10.30/11am to 1pm or 3-5.30pm.  Actual activities can be varied according to age and abilities.  This is a new venture for us so please email or call to discuss your requirements.

DSCF3479 - Copy


The children will work with several different doughs to make traditional loaves and rolls as well as some fun shapes such as hedgehogs and turtles.  A pesto swirl/rose loaf is another popular and attractive option.  While their bread is proving we will run through some theory and mixing.

Karls' spiced apple and marzipan swirls.

DSCF3197 - Copy


How bread is made: the ingredients, different flours and where they come from, why bread requires ‘strong’ flour, the action of the yeast etc.


The children get the opportunity to mix a batch of dough by hand, following a recipe and learn the difference between strong flour containing gluten and weak or gluten free flour.


The children will have access to water, fruit cordial or similar together with home made seed bar, tiffin or fruit during the course.  Please let us know if your child has any food allergies when you book.  At lunch or tea they will eat some of the bread they have made, together with cheese, cold meat, jam, honey etc plus salad and fruit depending on time of day.

Take home

Each child will take home the bread they have made together with recipe cards and a dough scraper.

Price: £25 per child or £30 to include a birthday cake and desserts.


Minimum age: six years

Four children minimum, six maximum.

Please bring aprons plus notebooks and cameras if you wish.

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Payment in advance please includes 50% transferable deposit should you have to cancel within four weeks of the event.


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