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Great time at Mudlarks

Our first course with Mudlarks cafe went really well.  We had eight ladies turn up to learn the basics of breadmaking and some impressive loaves and rolls were produced.

Likely to be more later in the year including:

Summer holiday breads eg: focaccia, ciabatta, Turkish Pide

Breads to impress

Christmas breads: Panettone, Stollen and Kangellangd.

Meanwhile, if you have not sampled the delights of the Mudlarks Cafe at 10 Railway Street, Hertford, treat yourself:


What can a course cover?

Almost anything you like.  The photos below show the output from our last course which included basic white and granary loaves, focaccia, panettone, pesto swirls and spiced marzipan dessert bread.  We also covered shaping, knot rolls, 3 and 4 strand plaits, cottage loaves as well as small rolls for dinner parties and ‘shots’, very small rolls with olives in the centre.

We are back!

Having retired in April last year I now have a little more time so, due to popular demand, classes are back!  We did a Christmas bread class in December including Stollen and Panettone and we have another class (already full) Feb 4th.  We will run a few more over the next few months so, if you are interested please email or call.

We can pretty much accommodate whatever anyone wants to learn but we recently made the Scandinavian Kanellängd featured on the Christmas bake off and it was delicious: cinnamon butter filling in an enriched dough.


We are also doing dinner party rolls and breads for a lady who runs a supper club and shall also be doing breakfast breads for another lady who runs a B&B.  Take a look through the site to see the type of things we have done in the past.

Format: 09.30 for 10.00 start, finishing c. 16.00.  Three batches of bread to take home plus recipes.  Coffee/tea and home made biscuits/cake plus lunch with wine, beer, soft drink etc.

Price: We are no longer supplying a free apron since most people already have an extensive collection so can offer a whole day course for £80 per person.  £20 deposit (transferable but non refundable) secures a place with balance on the day.

Any questions, please email, call or leave a comment on the site.

We look forward to seeing you and, remember, keep baking!



World Bread Awards entries

Next Wednesday is the big day and I have entered three breads.  Turns out I need to supply two of each in case one gets damaged so transporting six loaves to London will be interesting.  Have finally decided on Turkish pide, Pesto swirl and Ozzie Fruit Loaf.  Photos to follow.  Anyone I know entering?

Fruit and nut

Tried another sourdough recipe from the Bread and Butter Project book last Saturday: fruit sourdough with raisins, sultanas and currants, soaked in tea of course.  I also added some roasted hazelnuts, roughly chopped.  Took an age to rise and was rather flat but not dense.  Good texture and taste especially the nuts but not my favourite which remains Aussie fruit loaf:

I only use Cinnamon so it tastes different to hot cross buns and I don’t add any sugar plus I mix 1/3 strong wholemeal with 2/3 strong white flour.

Going to try walnut and fig this week; recipe on the back of Allinson Country Grain flour packet or here:


There is lots of advice on the web about bread making now and these are some of the ones I turn to

There are lots of places to buy baking kit but Bakery Bits has one of the best selections: