We have run several evening demonstrations for those who don’t have the time for a full day course and they have been particularly popular with groups such as WI, Ladies Circle etc. Usually running from 7 to 10pm, we have some dough made up to get a head start on shaping and baking and we also make several doughs by hand to get a feel for different doughs, flours and hydration.  Drinks and nibbles are provided together with a recipe sheet and participants will get to take home the bread they have baked.  Price is £25 per person, minimum 6, maximum 9.

Generally demonstrations are on Tuesday evening but we can swap to another evening if more convenient.  Topics can be tailored to your interests but will generally be a shortened version of the Course topics (see Courses).  We can also run these events as a morning or afternoon session.

Wednesday 23 July; 7-10pm (full)

Tuesday 5 August; 7-10pm

Tuesday 16 September; 7-10pm

Tuesday 30 September; 7-10pm

Tuesday 21 October; 7-10pm

Tuesday 4 November; 7-10pm

Tuesday 18 November; 7-10pm

Tuesday 2 December; 7-10pm



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